About us


Fueled by his passion for the fast-paced environments of business and racing, Don Aronow founded Cigarette Racing Team in 1969 in South Florida. He worked tirelessly to create a legacy that would grow through its pleasure-boating and racing heritage by partnering with various royals, dignitaries, and notable businessmen worldwide. With famous models such as the Firefox, the Top Gun, the Tirranna, and the Nighthawk, Cigarette has become the household name for performance and luxury. Today, the Ruiz family looks forward to building upon the current legacy and taking Cigarette into a new wave of acceleration. The Cigarette apparel store aims to honor our loyal fans as well as the top-of-the-line handcraftsmanship that can be found on each of our vessels with signature detailing, sustainable materials, and one-of-a-kind designs. Aware of the impact our boats have on the environment, Cigarette has committed to using sustainable fabrics in each of our products. We recognize that Cigarette is not just a brand but a lifestyle, so we are thrilled to offer a ready-to-wear line so that all our fans and Cigarette owners can proudly represent the Cigarette lifestyle. Welcome to the team!